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Who is Diego Krupitza?

Hello, my name is Diego Krupitza and I'm a webdesigner, programmer and consultant.I currently live in Vienna, Austria. Designing and developing Websites is my passion. Since i was a young boy I code and design and think how to do things better than the average. In my spare time I produce music and release them on soundcloud. Currently I'm an informatic student at the htl spengergasse.
Other schools I visited:

  • Sacre Couer
  • De la Salle
Diego Krupitza


What does Diego Krupitza do?


PHP and NodeJS are my strength.I focus on security and userbillity,even in small projects


Responsive Design? Parallax Design? These expressions are well known to me. Webdesign is my passion and I love it


Normal Logos and App planning are my strenghts. I design Apps since I am 14 years old and I am pretty good at it.


In case you need an advise, I'm your man! I also give enrolments.I love to plan and organize small to big projects.


I programm your wishes from small to big in Java and C#. Only your mind is the limit! Git is my friend


Cisco? VMware? NetApp? These companies are familiar to me! I love to plan networks and support small companies in network questions.Configuring routers and switches are my passion :)


How can I contact Diego?


Phone: +43 660 1008972

Email: [email protected]

Webseite: you look at it ;)